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Facebook has a habit of changing their design and adding/removing features relatively often. However, the most recent redesign was more or less a complete overhaul of the “news feed” section. Facebook is an extremely power social media platform and when it changes, everyone notices. It appears this time around, the majority of people are NOT […]

In today’s social and economic climate, it is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to compete without an effective social media presence. One industry that has been rather innovative in the field of social media interaction and marketing is airlines. Check out how some of the biggest companies are engaging with their customer base via Twitter and […]

One of the most difficult things about executing a social media marketing campaign is interpreting the results. How do you know what number of clicks or page views is “good?” How many Facebook Likes should you promise to your clients? These are extremely important questions in social media marketing, but hopefully the infographic below will […]

Ever wondered how Facebook marketing started? This handy infographic takes you on a timeline of Facebook’s existence, pointing out key marketing and advertising developments along the way. Follow the social media site from it’s first launch through it’s recent Groupon collaboration, with all the “shares,” “likes,” and “friends” along the way: Infographic from: Are […]