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In the ever-changing digital world, businesses are adapting to new technologies to stay connected to their customer base. Social media marketing is essential in order to stay competitive and their are many strategies businesses can you use to maximize their social media presence. Here’s a quick look at some of the Do’s and Don’ts of Facebook marketing:

Social Media Marketing with Facebook Dos and Donts

Infographic from: Social Media Explorer

Do you agree with the actions the infographic says to do and to not do? Can you think of other strategies for a Facebook marketing specialist, or maybe some pitfalls to avoid when branding? How many of these things carry over to other social networks (Twitter, Myspace, LinkedIn)?

Posted by Steve Hebel, Social Media / Content Coordinator

Social Profile Business Card tf 2.0 Bck TwUrt Upgr profilecard
Social Profile Business Card tf 2.0 Bck TwUrt Upgr

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