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A social media presence is no longer just a good idea in business; it is not absolutely crucial to the success of your company. The CEO of the future must be able to harness the power of social media and engage with the general population. The younger generation of consumer is more trusting when they […]

Every week we like to post infographics that give you all a better visual understanding of the world of social media and what it is capable of. This week, we submit a video┬áinfographic that lays out the most up-to-date social media numbers and statistics. There’s a ton of good information in the video that should […]

Social media can do a lot of amazing things. The infographic below shows Foursquare transportation check-ins throughout the year 2010, which special emphasis on the holiday season around Thanskgiving and Christmas. It allows you literally see where people travel the most and how they get there. Check it out… Infographic from:, Foursquare How would […]

The top countries in the world have invested heavily into building a social media presence, as social networks represent the future of marketing and a key link to younger generations of consumers. Check out the data below to get an idea of which Chief Marketing Officers (CMO’s) among Fortune 100 companies have been doing the […]