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The top countries in the world have invested heavily into building a social media presence, as social networks represent the future of marketing and a key link to younger generations of consumers. Check out the data below to get an idea of which Chief Marketing Officers (CMO’s) among Fortune 100 companies have been doing the best job of utilizing social media.

Twitter, Facebook, Social Media, Fortune 100, CMOInfographic from: @HenryMin and @MarkFidelman

How many of the above CMO’s do you follow on Twitter? Does your perception of a company change in regards to the social media presence of their executives? Many companies have official Twitter accounts that are followed by far more people than their executives’ accounts. How does the overall social media participation of a company affect the way you view that company in comparison to others? Let’s hear your thoughts!

Posted by Steve Hebel, Social Media / Content Coordinator

Social Profile Business Card tf 2.0 Bck TwUrt Upgr profilecard
Social Profile Business Card tf 2.0 Bck TwUrt Upgr

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