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A social media presence is no longer just a good idea in business; it is not absolutely crucial to the success of your company. The CEO of the future must be able to harness the power of social media and engage with the general population. The younger generation of consumer is more trusting when they […]

Every week we like to post infographics that give you all a better visual understanding of the world of social media and what it is capable of. This week, we submit a video¬†infographic that lays out the most up-to-date social media numbers and statistics. There’s a ton of good information in the video that should […]

Social media can do a lot of amazing things. The infographic below shows Foursquare transportation check-ins throughout the year 2010, which special emphasis on the holiday season around Thanskgiving and Christmas. It allows you literally see where people travel the most and how they get there. Check it out… Infographic from:, Foursquare How would […]

The top countries in the world have invested heavily into building a social media presence, as social networks represent the future of marketing and a key link to younger generations of consumers. Check out the data below to get an idea of which Chief Marketing Officers (CMO’s) among Fortune 100 companies have been doing the […]

How much time do you spend on Facebook? Do you know how your use stacks up against the rest of the Facebook population? Have a look at these stats and get a better idea of the amount of time people spend on the social network and which companies, musicians and politicians have the best Facebook […]

Twitter is one of the most popular social media networks currently on the internet and has completely transcended popular culture and society. Follow along as this infographic illustrates the history of Twitter, both as a social network and as a business. Be sure to check out who the most followed accounts are, as well as […]

In the ever-changing digital world, businesses are adapting to new technologies to stay connected to their customer base. Social media marketing is essential in order to stay competitive and their are many strategies businesses can you use to maximize their social media presence.¬†Here’s a quick look at some of the Do’s and Don’ts of Facebook […]

Social media is easily accessible through a computer, but with the latest smartphone it is now easier than ever to tweet, like, poke, check-in, friend, update, or whatever you want to do in the social media world. The smart phone is a social media game changer. Have a look at the numbers: Infographic from: […]

How much of an impact does social media have on our lives? How big of a change has the presence of social media networks had on our modern society? It’s easy to say “a lot” or some other simple words, but how about we back that up with some cold hard facts: Infographic from: en.gauge […]

With all of the social media networks that are out there, how are you supposed to know which one is best? Some of them are better in certain situations than others, while some are no good at all. Take a look at how the five major platforms (Google+, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and tumblr) match-up in […]

Surely you have used social media in a personal matter: interacting with your friends on Facebook, tweeting about what restaurant you are going to for dinner, checking in at the grocery store on FourSquare. But what about those of us who use social media as a career?   Infographic from: Have you ever thought […]

Most people have somewhat of a good idea in terms of the most popular social networks in their country. But how about in other countries? Do you ever wonder what social networks are the most popular in other countries across the globe? Here’s an infographic that should shed some light on these questions and will […]

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